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Webinar Class 

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Designed to prepare or update your approach to applying massage techniques. The skills and tips you will learn will allow you to work with the most efficient use of energy and at the same time do so in a manner that prevents injury.


Work SMARTER not HARDER. This course is great any bodyworker. But is especially useful for therapists who do deep work or have sustained any kind of injury previously whether from massage or other life hazards. 

Give yourself the BEST tools to be an awesome therapist who will not burn out from inefficient application habits.

Who will you learn from? Our most seasoned therapist and Education Director: Tifanie Daniels. She has over a decade of medical based massage experience. Plus has been training others to become effective therapists for over 5 years.


Join us for a fun, eye-opening experience. Your joints and future self will thank you! 


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